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DIY Space For London (First Timers Special) w/ Charmpit & Big Joanie

London, 25.01.17

With Big Joanie

Get a little look at what's going on at DIY Space For London - floating hosts offer a glimpse into the DIY calendar, with exclusive interviews, live sets, DJ mixes and more from hosted acts.


  • Big Joanie 
    Crooked Room
  • Big Joanie 
    Dream No 9
  • Slags
    Oh Janine
  • Lads
    Till Your Skin Is Blue
  • Clammy Hands
    Mum Lies
  • Scrap Brain 
    Don't Talk To Me
  • Charmpit
    Margot Knows
  • Party Traitor
    I Don't Trust My TV
  • Primetime 
    Tied Down
  • Life! Death! Prizes!
    Life! Death! Prizes!
  • Twink Caplan
    Smile For The Camera
  • The Mooncubs
    Mooncub Spell
  • Charmpit 
    All U Fascists Bound 2 Lose