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Demon Poetry w/Dev/Null

London, 08.10.21

Drum & bass and jungle every month with DJ Persuasion, Dev/Null & Anina on rotation.


  • Jack Horner + DJ Pulse
    Summer In The South
  • Underground Software feat. The Singing Rats 
    The Crickets
  • Tango 
  • Dev/Null
    Warning Sign
  • Mad Ragga Jon, Stetly 
    Fall Down On Me
  • Deceptive Jon 
    The Theory
  • Tayla 
    Bang The Drums
  • Dev/Null
  • Mental Bombing
    Wicked Style
  • Biosphere 
    Seti Project
  • Slim Sinna 
    Like This
  • Tim Reaper 
    Lights Off, Head Down
  • Hellrazor
    Just Can’t Help It (Rock N Roll Remix)
  • The Criminal Minds 
    The Gospel According To A Soundbwoy
  • Law & Auder
    Acid Jungle
  • Dennis Brown
    Jungle Rock
  • The Foot Soldier 
    So What Happens Now
  • Bay B Kane
    Bagpipes In Effet
  • DJ Crystl