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DJ Persuasion w/ Dev/Null

London, 18.07.20

Drum & bass and jungle every month with DJ Persuasion, Dev/Null & Anina on rotation.


  • Unknown Artist
    Wack Up
  • Format 
    The Stomper
  • D’Cruze
    Want You Now (DJ SS & EQ Remix)
  • Acid Beard Massive
    Cheeky Rush II A
  • Joey Riot, Technotrance 
    YRS Stomp3
  • Demo, Poet 
    Welcome To My Nightmare
  • JBL + Bigga
  • DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini 
    Stop The Beat
  • Category 3 Feat DJ Clarkee
  • DJ Fury 
    Worldly People
  • Equinox 
    Sinister Crew
  • DJ Terroreyes & Mr Mix 
    Hardcore Jungle
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Dubplate
  • Overdubb 
    Eruption (3D Mix)
  • DJ Remarc 
    One For The Vibes
  • Eat Life 
    Digital Fish
  • Harmony & Xtreme 
  • Unknown Artist
  • Dev/Null
    Dark Phase (PO-33)
  • D.O.P.E. 
    Dope On Plastic Pt. II
  • Love Dove Jay 
    Dark Loving
  • Dillinja 
    Steal The Way
  • Unknown Artist
  • International Rude Boyz (DJ-SS, International Rude Boyz mix) 
    Drum Programme (Remix)
  • Dev/Null
    Dark 4/4se (PO-33)
  • Space Cube 
  • Sulfurex 
    Point Break
  • Unknown Artist
    Tease Me Up
  • Unknown Artist
  • Dave Charlesworth (Citrus mix) 
    Universe Records #1 (Citrus Remix)