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Don't Trip w/ Margarita

London, 18.12.17

Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water.

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  • The Ah
    HAzel Club
  • Andrew Jarvis
    Bosky (AJ Vocal Remix)
  • Anlieger Frei
    John Ist Tot
  • Antique Musical Boxes
    Monastery Bells
  • Archer & Gile
    The Cherry Tree
  • Asakawa Maki
    Zenkasha No N'mas
  • Astral Social Club
    Hitting Midwinter (Drift)
  • Baroque Philharmonic Orchestra
    Noel In D-Moil "Joseph Est Bien Marie" By Dandrieu
  • Colin Stetson And Sarah Neufeld
    Won't Be A Thing To Become
  • The Decapitated Hed
    Kolendy Scięcie
  • Delphine Dora
    Spiritual March
  • Eddie Dunstedter
    Christmas Candy
  • Excepter
    Deck The Halls
  • Ken Camden
  • Lost Trail
    Outside The Gates Of Tarheel Missile
  • Lucien Hétu
    Katia (Il Peut Neiger)
  • Marina La Palma
  • The Moog Machine
    O Holy Night
  • Post Mortem
    Rebirth In Heaven
  • Stephen Kirby/Ronald Soules/Walter Slasher/Hollinwood Girls' Choir
    Excerpt From Shepherd's Nativity Play/Shepherd's Cradle Song/Coventry Carol
  • The Slowest Lift
    The Chaffeur
  • Sun Araw
    On Plateau
  • Susan Balmar
    B3 Y Sm
  • Talkingmakesnosense
    The Winter Drones
  • Unknown
    Christmas Bells
  • Talkingmakesnosense
    Turned Into Sleep
  • Igor Wakhévitch
    Taddy's Fruit Garden
  • Edita Pyekha
    Winter Song
    We Never Went To Church
  • Lea Bertucci
    Patterns For Alto
  • Twice As Much
    The Coldest Night Of The Year (Ft. Vashti)