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Drae da Skimask

London, 01.02.19

With Drae Da Skimask

Riding the wave of new London rap, producer and selector Drae Da Skimask takes over the NTS airwaves for an hour long session each month.


  • Isaac Hayes 
    Walk On By
  • Cypress Hill 
    Spark Another Owl
  • 9th Creator
    Bubble Gum
  • Masta Ace
    The Mad Wundz
  • Redman 
    Pick It Up (Radio)
  • Company Flow 
    The Definitive
  • Masta Ace Incorporated 
    Crazy Drunken Style
  • Erick Sermon 
    Do Your Thing (LP Version)
  • 2Late 
  • Artifacts 
  • Sean Price, P.F. Cuttin 
    Heltah Skeltah Triumph (Freestyle)
  • Masta Ace 
    East Bound
  • Masta Ace Incorporated 
    Sittin' On Chrome (Vocal)
  • JD Reid
    XXL (Ft. Fatima)
  • Skepta 
  • Retch
    Bodeine Brazy
  • Dead Ghost Community
  • MC Holocaust
    DeAngelo Gentrification
  • DJ Yung Vamp
    I Get Da Drip U Get Drip
  • A$Ap Ant
    Soul Reaver
  • Back Josh
    Judge Judy
  • 21 Savage feat. Schoolboy Q 
    good day
  • Retch
    Dear Friends
  • Iferio
    Just Sayin'(I'm Just Sayin) Part 2
  • Louis Culture
    Culture For Ft. Lava La Rue