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Dream Logic w/ W'm B

Arizona, 01.01.24

I am fascinated by the way different songs can overlap with each other to create new meanings that feel like dream logic. It's like experiencing something but not being entirely certain if it actually happened. This unique experience gives the songs a different context and allows seemingly incongruous elements to work together in unexpected ways. My playlist mostly consists of post-rock, shoegaze, and dream pop, and is designed to cultivate an atmosphere suitable for a long drive through the night.

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  • 0:00:22
  • 0:05:04
    Head Full of Stars
    Touch the Stars Again
  • 0:10:00
    Mother Tongues 
    A Heart Beating
  • Lightning Bug 
    The Return
    Avril 14
  • Sufjan Stevens 
    Everything That Rises
  • Penelope Isles 
    Sailing Still
  • Slowdive 
    Star Roving
  • Widowspeak 
  • Ozean 
  • TV Star
    These Trees Heard The Drums
  • Beak>
    Ah Yeah