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Zurich, 24.01.24

a inner city dream journey through the nights of 20 years zurich. music that accompanies us, inspires us and never lets us go just like a sweet dream.

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  • 0:00:20
    Cloud Over Maroma
  • 0:02:00
    Evil Dub
  • 0:03:30
    Dr. Israel, Loop 
  • Turbo Sandiero
    ¿Quo Puedo Hacer?
  • Steely & Cleave
    Big Pipe Vers
  • General Degree 
    Latoya: Version
  • Froid Dub 
    The Conference
  • Mr G
    For Those Who Have Lost
  • Braulio Lam
    World Crisis Feat. Linval Thompson
  • Mr G
    Sleepless Nights
  • Vision Son
    Forgiving Dub
  • Dumbo Tracks 
    Bordstein in Der Nacht
  • Leslie Winer 
  • Rootsmann Meets Muslimgauze
    Jebel Abu Ghoneim
  • Ambient Warrior 
    Oceanic Dub
  • Tena Stelin 
    Political Confusion
  • The Justice League Of Zion 
    Many Sharks In The Harbour
  • The Justice League Of Zion 
    Many Sharks In The Harbour
  • Virginia (Henry & Louis mix) 
    Rainbows (Henry & Louis Mix)
  • More Rockers 
    Gimme More Rockers
  • Prince Jazzbo
    Seance Adduce Vers
  • Abashantie
    Break Down The Walls
  • Alpha & Omega, The Disciples 
    Jah Is Calling
  • Disciples 
    True Love
  • Stereo Luchs + Min King