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The Early Bird Show w/ Jack Rollo

London, 15.07.22

First thing on Fridays - Jack Rollo's here to take care of things.


  • In Gowan Ring 
    The Serpent
  • Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher
    Whale’s Song
  • Nocturnal Emissions 
    The Well Is Deep
  • Bhairavi Raman & Nanthesh Sivarajah
    Bittersweet Reflections
  • Giovanni Venosta 
    Woman In Late
  • Troth 
    Calm Of The Shadow
  • Fuensanta
    Avalancha Dorada
  • Backworld 
    Flowers Of Passion
  • Isabel Del Bosco
    Visita Nocturna
  • Jocelyn Pook 
    La Blanche Traversée
  • Michael Tanner 
    Vespers Pt. 3
  • Coil 
    Amber Rain
  • Gabrielle Roth And The Mirrors feat. Catherine Russell, Mindy Jostyn 
  • Omertà 
    Amour Fou
  • Yuta Matsumura 
    Tabula Rasa
  • Sweet Trip 
  • Radio Dept.
    Token Of Gratitude
  • Szórëgg 
    Apología del Despertar
  • Sven Kacirek 
    Kayamba Tuc Tuc
  • Haydee
    Cold Vein 2
  • Melchior Productions Ltd
    Watersoul Neptune Mix
  • Deux 
    Golden Dreams
  • Hatfield And The North
    Son Of There’s No Place Like Homerton