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The Early Bird Show w/ Maria Somerville

Galway, 13.09.21

With Maria Somerville

Drifting into a new day with Maria Somerville, live from Ireland's wild west coast.


  • William Eaton
    Unitltled 1A
  • Bark Pschosis
    Pendulum Man
  • Muziekkamer
    Op Zee
  • Jay Stapley 
    Aqua Vita
  • Accident Du Travail 
  • Alastair Galbraith
    Oooh Everything, Every Little
  • Trii Group 
  • German Army 
    Turn Them Into A Vision
  • Women 
    Penal Colony
  • Charlie Megira 
    Tomorrow's Gone
  • Tully 
    Lord Baba
  • Neil Young 
    Razor Love
  • Radio Dept
    Sloboda Narodu
  • Spiritualized 
    Stay With Me
  • Trii Group 
    Open Tent
  • Geoffrey Landers
    1 By 1
  • The Bionaut 
    The Juicy Reminder
  • A.C. Marias 
    Just Talk
  • Dean Blunt Joanne Roberson
    Fuckboy Anthem
  • Pavement 
    Harness Your Hopes
  • Pale Saints
    Kinkky Love
  • Scribble 
    Mother Of Pearl
  • Northern Picture Library 
    Love Song For The Dead Ché #1
  • SM Corporation 
    Fire From Above
  • Freshcard
    Who The World Belongs To
  • Loveliescrushing
  • YL Hooi 
    Stranger (Love Joys)