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Eclair Fifi

London, 08.09.22

With Eclair Fifi

Expert selections all round: encompassing everything you know and love from Eclair Fifi. That's techno, electro, hip-hop, Latin Freestyle, early Warp Records material, and then a bunch of other stuff that's bound to surprise you.


  • Max Dubnbar
    Inspo (Ambient Mix)
  • Whodamanny 
    Iris Secundum
  • Stefan Robbers 
    Foreign Dimensions
  • La Deep
    Mos Lira No Kante
  • Luca Lozano 
    King Blade (Wooooo Mix)
  • Shifting Gears
    Blue Yellow Red
  • Opus Klein
  • Javonntte 
  • Red Axes
  • DC Salas
    She Won’t Left Us Anyway
  • Brandon Cooke, Roxanne Shante feat. Roxanne Shante (Dizzy Dee, Jon Williams mix) 
    Sharp As A Knife
  • Soundstream
    Motion (Original Mix)
  • Coffintexts X Jonny From Space
    Talk To Me
  • Levon Vincent
    NS-39 Niresa A
  • Dazion
    Eau Membership
  • Scott Brown, DJ Rab S 
    Now Is The Time
  • Justice 
    Let There Be Light (Demo Version)
  • Unknown
    Unknown Title
  • Dee Jay Nehpets 
    Lay It Down (Radio Version)
  • DJ PJ 
    Warp Zone
  • Gladiators & Slaves 
  • DJ Deeon 
    Boody Mover
  • DJ Slugo
    I’m A Ho (DJ Slugo Mix)
  • DJ Seduction
    Hardcore Heaven (Original Mix)
  • Ed DMX
    Doktor X
  • Anthony Rother 
    Love Is For The Hardest People
  • We.Amps
    Suck My
  • Zoid (Dan Curtin mix) 
    9713Poochy (Dan Curtin Remix)
  • The Outhere Brothers 
    Fuk U In The Ass (Fuk U Re-Mix)
  • Spencer Parker
    Power 99
  • Acemo
    Back With Another Banger..
  • Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD
    PAX (Four Tet Remix)
  • Hudson Mohawke 
    Dance Forever