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Elena Colombi

London, 02.11.20

Elena Colombi helps to keep Mondays weird - expect a diverse range of up-and-at-'em records: from techno to post-punk, through EBM, industrial and -wave… Image by Sepideh Farvardin


  • EC
    I've Been Messing With Ceephax Acid Crew
  • Manos Tsangaris 
    Winzig - Musiktheater-Miniaturen
  • OKO DJ 
    The Witch
  • Vicente Palma 
    De La Llama
  • Lostsoundbytes
    Reward Of Fear
  • DJ Plead 
  • Señora 
    El Elefante Que Siempre Andaba Solo
  • Paul Frick 
    Allergy Boy
  • Suna Path
    Path Of The Monk
  • Diego Morales 
  • CYD
    Time Is Designed To Heal
  • Pose Dia 
  • STRFLD Simulation Feat. Darren B. Naural
  • Kamilya Jubran, Werner Hasler 
  • Novo Line 
    Le Pastiglie Degli Amici
  • Owelle
    Sleep Hurry (IM Electronica)