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Emotional Landscapes

London, 11.07.22

Maya Kalev paints varied soundscapes in her monthly Emotional Landscapes show, running through a selection of wide and varied ambient music including fourth world, kosmische, dream pop and minimalist compositions…


  • Yamila
    Visions IV
  • Moor Mother
    UMZANSI (Feat. Black Quantum Futurism & Mary Lattimore)
  • Bar Italia
    Mariana Trenchcock
  • Coby Sey
    Permeated Secrets
  • Reckonwrong
    Personal Growth
  • The Soft Pink Truth
    Is It Gonna Get Any Deeper Than This? (Dark Room Mix)
  • Lucrecia Dalt
    No Tiempo
  • Carl Stone
  • Lasse Marhaug 
    Context 7
  • Dominique Lawalrée 
    Musique Satieerique
  • Felicia Atkinson
    Image Language
  • Silvia Tarozzi, Deborah Walker 
    Il bersagliere ha cento penne
  • M Geddes Gengras
    A Rhythmic Stillness As Root Had I
  • Bobby Would 
    Maybe You Should