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Emotional Landscapes

London, 01.11.21

Maya Kalev paints varied soundscapes in her monthly Emotional Landscapes show, running through a selection of wide and varied ambient music including fourth world, kosmische, dream pop and minimalist compositions… ttps://


  • Reiko And Tori Udo
    Deep Sea Fish
  • Jessica Pavone
    III. Ingot Ft. Nate Wooley
  • Grouper 
    Disordered Minds
  • Dear Laika 
    Black Moon, Lilith
  • Roy Montgomery, Emma Johnston 
    Rhymes Of Chance Pt 1
  • Richard Youngs
    Tokyo Photograph [Excerpt]
  • The Body, Big|Brave 
    Once I Had A Sweetheart
  • Moor Mother
    Tarot Ft. Yatta And Dudu Kouate
  • Leif 
    Tapping On A Hollow Body
  • Topdown Dialectic 
  • L’ocelle Mare
    Téléphone, Guitare, Interrupteurs, Membrane...