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Enter The Portal

Sydney, 01.04.24

All embracing sounds from the remote, harsh land of OZ & every which way. Enter the portal & float on the sound board of oozey jazz, bouncy soul & local rarities for the whole of community. Discoveries made on the never-ending search for “The One”.


  • --:--
    John Sangster 
    Lion Safari
  • 0:02:11
    Karate Boogaloo
    The Early Bird Catches
  • 0:06:01
    Brute Force And His Drum 
    Weird And Wonderful
  • Miguel Salerno 
  • Surprise Chef 
    Dinner Time
  • Joseph Liddy And The Skeleton Horse
    Chase the Rainbow
  • Terry King And Sounds United
    Heaven On Their Minds
  • Mildlife 
    How Long Does It Take?
  • Frank Gambale 
    Fe Fi Fo Funk
  • Chelsea 
    And I Love You
  • Setwun
  • Billy Thorpe 
    Out In The Street Again
  • Gum, Ambrose Kenny-Smith 
    Minor Setback
  • Angy 
    Dancing With Your D.J.
  • Donny Benét
    Beneath The Sheets
  • Sue Barker