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Extra Extra - Episode 13

Rotterdam, 26.08.22

Could you point me towards The Salted Bucket? Our host, guide and favourite smooth-talker Michael, is meeting his friend Torbee for a catch-up drink at one of The City’s most reputable establishments. At the bar, they share salacious details of their lives, loves and losses, with Torbee recounting one of the oddest relationships imaginable. Having met a mysterious red-headed woman named Claire one evening, he’s led on an extravagant journey across The City, an erotic adventure full of lithe twists and turns, sordid and expected encounters. To help him tell the tale is his android counterpart, a robot “Plot Plumper” whose purpose is to abridge an engaging narrative. Immersed in the story, Michael begins to let off steam about his job as Extra Extra radio host, totally unaware that he’s accidentally streaming the entire conversation over the airwaves…

The show is written and performed by Dan Fox and Michael Portnoy in close collaboration with Loes Verstappen who selected the music, and Monte Masi. Voice acting by Dan Fox, Michael Portnoy, Monte Masi, Thomas Dudkiewicz and Loveday Smith. Editing and sound design by Tobias Withers. Drawings by Fiona Lutjenhuis.


  • Sissy Fuss 
    No Restraint (Instrumental)
  • Leah Walker, Rebecca Salvadori 
    Footage (Live)
  • Etienne Ngbozo & Raymond 'Doko
    Ndio (III) [The Eagle]
  • Space Afrika Ft. Guest
    Indigo Grit
  • Snakefinger 
    The Vivian Girls
  • Miaux 
    Bal(l)ad Bucolique
  • Tandy Love 
    Anagram Jam
  • Harold Budd 
    Agnes Martin
  • The Gaslamp Killer Ft. Mophono
    Carpool Dummy
  • Jim Williams 
    Car Fuck
  • Ty Segall 
    In Your Car