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Extra Extra - Episode 14

Rotterdam, 07.10.22

Welcome, dear listeners, to Extra Extra Radio, with me, Michael, your host, guide and favourite foreign object in your windpipe. As you’re all aware, Mayor Joanne just signed a decree allowing entry into the City of fifteen new species of beings from the recently discovered exoplanet – Atkinson, Zouch & Bleary, LLP – a highly judicious and wealthy civilisation located in the 16 Cygni star system, under the condition that all new residents purchase large estates in the idyllic, gated section of town known as the Hillies. I’m very proud to be one of the first journalists granted access to these high-net-worth aliens, and eager to meet and learn about their attitudes towards life and love!

The show is written and performed by Dan Fox and Michael Portnoy in close collaboration with Loes Verstappen who selected the music, and Monte Masi. Voice acting by Dan Fox, Michael Portnoy, Monte Masi, Thomas Dudkiewicz and Loveday Smith. Editing and sound design by Tobias Withers. Drawings by Fiona Lutjenhuis.


  • Sam Spence 
    The Searcher
  • Fernando Falcão 
    Amanhecer Tabajara (À Alceu Valença)
  • Alice Coltrane Ft. Pharaoh Sanders And Joe Henderson
    Turiya Ramakrishna
  • Kerdd Dant 
    Myddyffycys Yn Bob Man
  • Sylvain van iniitu 
    Kiss Me Kate
  • Ismo Laakso 
  • Ortooeen Waves 
    O Waves T3
  • Bernard Parmegiani
    Pliens Et Déliés
  • !!! And Meah Pace
    Panama Canal
  • Savant 
    Deceit In Passion
  • Ismo Laakso 
  • Paul DeMarinis 
    Mind Power
  • Matmos 
    Resemblage / Parasamblaż
  • Martin Denny 
    Song Of The Islands