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Extra Extra - Episode 11

Rotterdam, 09.04.22

The Misty Triumph is The City’s oldest and most beloved hotel. A towering landmark of hospitality built in the Neo-Platonic style, it welcomes visitors from across the known world. As part of a year-long survey, our host Michael has been tasked with asking each and every one of The City’s residents a series of short but very important questions. And for Episode 11 of The Extra Extra Radio Show, we imagined that The Misty Triumph would be a perfect place to find a good cross-section of inhabitants, old and new. The question du jour is: How did you get to this point? Let’s go inside and find some answers.

Here in the labyrinthine corridors, between satin sheets and velvet upholstery, there's a meeting of premiere dust harvesters. Powdah Jenkins and Trotter Garbo supply luxury dust suppliers, delivering a fine film of detritus to the floors of The City's finest establishments. Did you know that The Misty Triumph is famed for its range of sophisticated and potent aphrodisiac cocktails? At the lavish bar, Michael encounters two of its renowned mixologists: Flap Gerontius and Sherry Hatch, pouring an array of delicious drinks, including a beverage named 'L’oiseau' that makes its consumer chirrup like a bird. And who's that? Across the lobby, waiting for the hotel elevator? Why that’s Wirey Transfah the most infamous con artist in The City! Excuse me while I try to catch her…

The show is written and performed by Dan Fox and Michael Portnoy in close collaboration with Loes Verstappen who selected the music, and Monte Masi. Voice acting by Dan Fox, Michael Portnoy, Monte Masi, Monique Moses, Johnny Vivash and Loveday Smith. Editing and sound design by Tobias Withers. Drawings by Fiona Lutjenhuis.