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Felisha Ledesma w/ Lucy Liyou

Malmö, 25.03.23

With Felisha Ledesma

A monthly collection of blurred collage, aural experiments, and tonal in-betweens with sound artist and musician Felisha Ledesma.


  • Lucy Liyou
  • Cheryl E. Leonard 
  • Olivier Messiaen, Yvonne Loriod 
    XVII. Regard Du Silence
  • Joanna Brouk
    Mary’s Watch (Part 2)
  • Bela
    덫이 쥐를 잡아먹는 것처럼
  • Grouper 
    The Races
  • Jakob Ullman
    Solo I + II + III (Excerpt)
  • Claire Rousay 
    Two Things
  • Real Housewives Of New Jersey
    Shady Beach (Clip)
  • Choi Joonyong, Jin Sangtae 
    In My
  • Brandy 
    I Wanna Be Down
  • Bela
    Cracker Drone
  • Nina Simone 
    You'll Never Walk Alone
  • Lia Kohl 
    when glass is there, and water,
  • Martyna Basta 
    Back and Forth
  • Tati Au Miel
    Good Energy, Peaceful & Flowing
  • AGF feat. Lovozero 
    Elena Guro 1877-1913
  • Bryozone 
    Eye Of Delirious
  • Doris Dana
    In The Night
  • DEAP 
    Før eller efter finanskrisen
  • P. Morris