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Fifth World w/ Huerco S

New York, 27.10.21

With Huerco S.

A riff on Jon Hassell's Fourth World series. Where Hassell focused on creating ritual music of potential societies that didn't exist; Ian Kim Judd seeks to evoke the notion of potential utopian societies that could exist. In these times of global instability and uncertainty, Fifth World seeks to posit an alternative, with scenes from an optimistic future.


  • JJ+JS
  • Lloop 
    Bulbbs 04
  • Scala 
    Pain & Pleasure
  • Insides 
  • Ben Bondy & Mister Water Wet
    Cloud Cover
  • Laika 
  • The Changelings
    Maelcum’s Righteous Dub (Mercury Mix)
  • Honeydip 
    Universal Teenage Frequency (Mashroom Mix)
  • Guitar 
    Feel Flows Free
  • Salon Music 
    Wanna Be Tied
  • Transient Stellar 
  • The Sons Of Silence 
    Going To Fat
  • Curve 
  • Bizarre 
    Any Day