Manchester, 09.11.19

With Finn

Northern Power House specialist and Fast Music enthusiast, Finn runs through various shades of rave once a month; expect Ghetto House, Speed Garage, Ghettotech & Hardcore with basically anything else in between.


  • Mercedes
    Talk Dirty To The DJ's
  • Rod Lee
  • The Analogue Cops
    Family Boy
  • Rod Lee
    Here It Come (RIP To Big Tony)
  • K-Life, DJ Booman
    Puff Alotta Weed
  • Rod Lee
    Creep Tonight
  • Cajmere
    Horny (Me So Horny Mix)
  • Rod Lee
    War Zone
  • Soundmaster T
    Too Much Booty (DJ Technics Edit)
  • Rod Lee
    My Crew, My Dog
  • DJ Big Red
    I'm A Alkoholik
  • Mz. Thang
    Shake Ya Dik
  • DJ Booman
    See The Ho's (Remix)
  • DJ Technics
    Nelly Theme
  • Mercedes
    Candlelight & Champagne Feat. Mia X
  • Hot Pepper feat. Top Cat
    Hot Peppers Revenge
  • Finn
    Comin Up
  • Martyn Bootyspoon
    Lickety Split
  • Gage
    E Anthem
  • Lucretio
    At The Crip
  • Houz'Mon
    Factory Jack
  • Boo Tell
    Come Away III
  • Fox
    Brighter Dayz (Prod. Finn)
  • Finn & India
  • DJ Q & Finn
    Baby I Don't Know
  • T.R.C, Trilla, Asher
    Wobbler Part 3
  • Pyper Feat. Recneps
    Duppy Conquerer
  • Gábor Lázár
  • Iron Soul
    Not Ready

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