Live now

Sunday Club w/ Finn

Manchester, 03.09.23

With Finn

Dance music with feeling, Sundays with Finn.


  • The Backroom Congregation 
    Sunday Morning (WMC 98 Mix)
  • The Restless Natives
    Deep Journey
  • Mark Prutton, Ben Keen 
    I Need
  • Vanessa McMillian 
    Stay With Me (Alternative Mix)
  • Nu Storm 
    Every Night (Gonna Find Me) (Clubhouse Mix)
  • Dem 2 
    Don t Make Me Wait (Ruff Riff Mix)
  • Musto & Bones (Tommy Musto mix) 
    The Music Is Right (R & B Dub Mix)
  • Kim Cummings (Mental Instrum mix) 
    Your Attitude (Mental Instrum)
  • Ceybil Jeffries (Tony Humphries mix) 
    Open Your Heart (Club Instrumental Mix)
  • Brown Melody 
  • Cuddles 
  • Miss Joi Cardwell (Victor Simonelli mix) 
    Goodbye (Vocal Mix)
  • 3-Play 
    Summer Breezz
  • Kalani Bob And Remegel 
    Dreaming Of Brie
  • Robinson, Wall Project, Gary Michael Wade 
    Deep Down (Deep Down Mix)
  • North-Clybourn
    We Gonna Work It Out (Mr Fingers Mix)
  • Paul Groove Feat. Down & Garcia
    Pees Groove (Mein Sax Mix)
  • Ruffneck (Caesar, Greg, The Nocturnal Deejays, Tony V. mix) 
    New Life (The Nocturnal Piano Dub)
  • Adeva (Goh Hotoda, Yvonne Turner mix) 
    Independent Woman (Rave Dub)
  • Chocolate Fudge 
    To Be Now
  • Adeva (Mental Instrum mix) 
    Respect '93 (Club Vocal Remix)
  • Julian Jonah 
    Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place (The Real Deal Mix)
  • Deep Bros. Feat. Michael Watford
    You Got It (Tuff Jam Remix 2)
  • Brett Dancer 
    In Da Groove
  • Romanthony 
    Now You Want Me
  • Valerie
    Inside (111 East Mix)
  • Tina Moore (Dem 2 mix) 
    Nobody Better (Dem 2's Luv Unlimited Mix)
  • D.E.A. Project
    Ghetto Child (Feat. Tyrone Taylor)
  • Groove Chronicles 
    Faith In You
  • Gallifre Feat. Mondee Oliver
    Don’t Walk Out On Love (Frankie's Dream Version)
  • Da Homies 
    Yorkshire (Dub Style)
  • North-Clybourn
    O Ban 1
  • Backroom Productions 
    Trouble (Dub Version 3)
  • Epitome Of Hype 
    Inside My Head (From My Hands)
  • Komix & Co. Feat. Pandela
    Feel It (111 East Dub)