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Floating World Music.

London, 14.05.15

With Bass Clef

Bass Clef presents Floating World Music: a story told with records and tapes and words. A monthly dive into an abyss of music and non-music. A Nonesuch Explorer series for the 21st century.


  • Unknown
  • Tom Waits 
    ? By W.S. Burroughs
  • Sandy Nelson 
    My Own Thing
  • Oscilanz
    April Song 6
  • Joni Mitchel
    The Jungle Line
  • Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria, Willie Bobo, Patato 
    Tito On Timbales
  • Nyingmapa Monastery
  • Ono Gagaku Kaï 
  • No Artist
    Bass Drum - 4 Levels
  • Raymond Scott 
    The Rhythm Modulator
  • Unknown Artist (From Music In The World Of Islam, 6: Drums & Rhythms)
  • Raymond Scott 
    Bandito The Bongo Artist
  • Nakagawa & Oishi, The Noday Family 
    Hanami Odoro (Flower Dance)
  • David Byrne 
    Light Bath
  • Unknown Artist (From Music In The World Of Islam, 6: Drums & Rhythms)
  • Kate Bush 
    Sat In Your Lap
  • Slick Salzer Trio 
    I've Found A New Hammer (I've Found A New Baby)
  • Scout Niblett 
    Your Beat Kicks Back Like Death
  • Sawar Sabri
    Dadra (6 Beats)
  • Lenka Clayton 
    A - My
  • Drummers And Singers Of The Societe Absolument Guinin 
    Agoué-Dambala (Yanvalou Zépol)
  • Fred Astaire 
    Drum Crazy
  • Whodini 
    Rap Machine
  • Rock Steady Crew
    Digital Boogie
  • ESG 
    The Beat
  • Jeroen Tel 
    Music From Turbo Outrun
  • Simon Harris 
    114 BPM (808)
  • Rob Hubbard 
    One Man And His Droid Title Theme
  • Simon Harris 
    100 BPM (808)
  • Calvino
    The Soft Moon
  • The Tusken Raiders
  • Spring Heel Jack 
    Life In The Freezer
  • Paradox 
    Symbol And Function
  • DJ Zinc 
    Reachout (Remix)
  • DJ Fokus 
    Watch Out
  • Mikey James & Grass
    The Prophecy
  • F.O.I., Vernon Smith 
    The Seed
  • Lee Smith
    Lost In Sound
  • Squarepusher 
    Male Pill 5
  • Bad Brains
    Shiner Masive (Junglist Remix)
  • Asa-Chang & Junray 
  • Kraftwerk 
    Kometenmelodie 2