The Food & Liquor w/ Primary Colors

Los Angeles, 17.05.19

Get your Food. Get your Liquor. Los Angeles creative house GLDVW send in two of their own, Rasheed and Laedi, to deliver your monthly fix with LA's most creative minds.

Listen in, find what you want, get what you need.


  • Patrick Paige II
  • Black Party
    Swang My Way
  • Kryptonyte feat. Jade Fox, Pink Siifu
    Swang Lo
  • D Tibiero
  • Tyler, The Creator
    I Don’t Love You Anymore
  • Funkadelic
    Can You Get To That
  • Slowthai
    Northampton’s Child
  • Tyler, The Creator feat. ASAP Rocky, Santigold
    New Magic Wand
  • Injury Reserve Ft. Freddie Gibbs
    Wax On
  • Holodec
    Keep Shit On
  • Demuja
  • Skepta
    Bullet from a Gun
  • Jim-E Stack
    A Man Can’t Know What It’s Like To Be A Mother
  • Nosaj Thing
  • Sly & The Family Stone
    If You Want Me To Stay

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