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A Strange Attractor w/ Fortuna Records

Tel Aviv, 31.01.19

Fortuna Records specialize in the forgotten psychedelic sounds of Israeli and middle eastern grooves, giving records from their own back yard the exposure they never got…


  • Ariel Kalma
    Astral Muse
  • Michel Banabila 
    The Attic
  • Breadwoman
    Ga She’ No Di
  • Dorothy Ashby 
  • Sun Ra
    Angels And Demons
  • Ak Salim
    Ngamba Ya Tempo
  • Kazi Arindam
    Piya To Ab To Aja
  • Ananda Shankar 
  • Elliot Sharp & Bachir Attar
    Long Night
  • Standing On The Corner
    X Intro
  • Kalbata Ft Tigris
    Luke The Ox
  • Unknown
    Unknown Solo Kanoun
  • Star Gazers
    Wodze Beyewo
  • African Tandej
    Jooti Joo