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Fractal Meat On A Spongy Bone - 100 Years Of DADA

London, 02.02.16

With Graham Dunning

An audio scrapbook compiled by sound artist and musician Graham Dunning, comprised of sonic art and experiments, improvised music, textures and rhythms, as well as selections from Dunning's archive of found home tape recordings, and a variety of regular features.


  • Jean
    Jacques Perrey - PrÈlude Au Sommeil
  • A Year In The Country 
    To Be Sheltered
  • Gyˆrgy Ligeti
    Continuum For Harpsichord
  • Iris Garrelfs
    Specified Encounter 4
  • Utsanda
    Glass Bead
  • Steve Gisby 
  • GX Jupitter
    Larsen And Zebra Mu - GX/ZM
  • IXTAB 
  • Sebastian Camens
    Slant Deviations B
  • UrBororo
  • THF Drenching
    38 Peahens In Unattributable Review
  • Judy Dunaway
  • Phil Minton 
    How Grand
  • Blood Stereo 
    Gaah Gaah Gaah
  • Phil Minton 
    Breaking News
  • Sarah Kenchington
    Live Excerpt
  • Duncan Harrison 
    Hanover Mist Juice Of The Extortionist, Spirit Of Free Trade.
  • Segment From Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi
    Read By Aga Pedziwiatr Outside Cabaret Voltaire, Jan 2016
  • Tippex
  • Dane Law 
    Don't Stall