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Freedom To Spend w/ Pete Swanson

Los Angeles, 17.11.20

Freedom To Spend examines fully realized yet under recognized sonic statements from other eras when accessibility to technology did not always equate to accessible music… Less is more, more or less. Spend some mind, free your time.


  • Speaker Music
    MLK Jr.’s Diplomatic Strategy For The Global Village
  • Paradise Cinema 
    It Will Be Summer Soon
  • Maria Teriaeva 
    Paris Texas
  • Игорь Чернявский
    Заблудившийся Трамвай
  • Jamire Williams
    Here I Am, Send Me (Edit)
  • Autechre 
    esc desc
  • Golden Retriever
    Ansible (Edit)
  • Valentina Magaletti, Marlene Ribeiro 
    Due Matte
  • Z.O. Voider 
    Raw Intelligence Data
  • Maral 
    Let The Distortion Sing
  • Tegh
    Heat (Edit)
  • Aisha Orazbayeva 
    Blurry Wake Song
  • Kiera Mulhern
    Signs In The Memory
  • Hanne Lippard 
  • Beth Anderson 
    I Can't Stand It
  • Claire Rousay
    Tenderly (Edit)