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Freedom To Spend

Los Angeles, 25.07.23

Freedom To Spend examines fully realized yet under recognized sonic statements from other eras when accessibility to technology did not always equate to accessible music… Less is more, more or less. Spend some mind, free your time.


  • Ned Milligan 
    A Crack in the Sky (WOOOOSH)
  • Francesco Cavaliere & Leonardo Pivi
    Sijuaq Il Chiurlo Veggente (Excerpt)
  • 7FO
    Music For Himitsu (Side A) (Excerpt)
  • Sentuhlà 
    La Destreza Del Cúmulo
  • James Devane 
    Fences In
  • Luis Pestana
    Rosa Pano (Excerpt)
  • Marta Salogni, Tom Relleen 
    Internal Logic II
  • Mai Mai Mai 
    Quarto Rimorso
  • Josiah Steinbrick
    It’s Often a Mystery to Me
  • Old Saw 
    The Mechanical Bull At Our Lady Of The Valley
  • Ameel Brecht
    Edgeways In Tim