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Freedom To Spend w/ Pete Swanson

Los Angeles, 09.02.21

Freedom To Spend examines fully realized yet under recognized sonic statements from other eras when accessibility to technology did not always equate to accessible music… Less is more, more or less. Spend some mind, free your time.


  • Richter Band 
    Czech River
  • Matt Evans 
    Data Fog
  • Terrence Dixon 
    Unconditional Love
  • Facit 
    Pomodoriana Theme
  • Marion Cousin, Kaumwald 
    Gerineldo Fils
  • Ilyas Ahmed, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Jonathan Sielaff
    Basement Creep
  • Katya Shirskova
  • Monokultur 
    Bär Deras Saker
  • J. Tripp 
    Russian Bath On Neck Road (Interlude)
  • Pedro Magina 
  • Vitor Rua 
    Guitar Works I
  • Parrenin/Weinrich (Feat. Tazartes)
    Zombie’s Passport
  • Contours (Feat. Seth Sutton)
    Room Cycles