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F U Pay Us Radio w/ Tyler Holmes

Los Angeles, 20.09.21

Los Angeles' Black QT /femme Punkx - demanding reparations - Uhuru Moor, Jasmine Nyende, Bapari and Sunny War - take over the NTS airwaves direct from our Los Angeles studio once a month. Get to know… Photo credit: Beatriz Moreno

Photo Credit: Vidal Zimorino


  • Joyce
    Joya Tyler Holmes Edit X Leila
  • Nojinza
  • Dax Pierson 
  • Res 
    They-Say Vision
  • L’Rain
    Take Two
  • Davia Spain
  • Imogen Heap 
    Getting Scared
  • Callie Day 
    Hear My Prayer
  • Eddington Again
    Libra Tyler Holmes Remix
  • Tyler Holmes
  • Desire Marea
    You Think I’m Horny
  • Diane Cluck 
    My Teacher Died
  • Lexagon 
  • FKA Twigs V.S. Sophie
    Immaterial Cellophane Tyler Holmes Mix
  • Edgeslayer
  • Ah Mer Ah Su
    We Got It All
  • Tricky V.S. Mariah Carey V.S. Pavarotti
    Piano Outside Clowns Tyler Holmes Mix
  • Tyler Holmes
    Moss II