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Geologist Presents: The O'Brien System w/ Tickley Feather

Los Angeles, 02.03.21

With Geologist

Brian Weitz has been making music as Geologist with Animal Collective for going on two decades. The egg first cracked in the mid 90's at Baltimore record fairs and long overnight radio shows in New York on WKCR. Whether making sounds in the practice space or playing records, his bandmates call it the O'Brien System. One Tuesday each month you can go there with him on NTS 2.


  • Perseverance
    Sounds From Mars Includes Rover Self Noise
  • Tomaga
    Intimate Immensity (Floating Points & Marta Salogni Remix)
  • Tickley Feather 
    The Python
  • Wau Wau Collectif 
    Mouhamodou Lo And His Children
  • Jahari Massamba Unit
    Un Bordeaux Pre-Phylloxera (Pour Le Riche Encule)
  • US Aries 
    Are You Ready To Come? (With Me), Pt. 2
  • Rafael Toral 
  • Freddie Hubbard
  • Xhol 
    Side 1 First Day
  • Tickley Feather 
  • Astarius Miraculli
    From 12 Years Ago
  • Blonde Redhead 
    In Particular
  • Operating Theater
    Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth
  • Faust 
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex 
    The Misty Coast Of Albany
  • Bunty Pendelton & Pat Flowers
  • Astrud Gilberto 
    You Didn't Have To Be So Nice