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Geologist Presents: The O'Brien System - Baltimore 90’s teenage lo-fi

Washington DC, 05.03.19

With Geologist

Brian Weitz has been making music as Geologist with Animal Collective for going on two decades. The egg first cracked in the mid 90's at Baltimore record fairs and long overnight radio shows in New York on WKCR. Whether making sounds in the practice space or playing records, his bandmates call it the O'Brien System. One Tuesday each month you can go there with him on NTS 2.


  • Within
    I Walk Away
  • Glorious Fourlane
    Cosmic Cat
  • Spastic Cracker
  • T.E.A.M.
    Awe Shucks (Excerpt)
  • Mike Apichella
    The Last Day Of Summer
  • Big Huge Fucking Machine
    Engine #11
  • Hubcap
  • Lesbian Chicken Maggot Blasters
    Green Men
  • The Six O’Clock Alarm
    Ruby Menagerie
  • Eli Jones
    Untitled Synthesizer Music
  • Glorious Fourlane
    Oscillation Song
  • Eve Pagoda
    Alan Thikk, Macho Capitalist Or Vanguard Of The Revolution?
  • Mike Apichella
    Space Bike
  • Lesbian Chicken Maggot Blasters
  • Hubcap
    Girls Smell Good
  • Eli Jones
    Selling Glen Arm By The Pound (Part 5)