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Golden Ratio Frequencies

Manchester, 14.03.20

2 hours of trance inducers, stress reducers, sonic meditations, sun salutations, deep vibrations, drone emanations and setting you up for a weekend of re-calibration. Keep it horizontal, keep it locked.


  • Spectral Habitat
    Day Dunes
  • Chi Factory
    Travel In Peace (Excerpt)
  • J Rowe
    South Channel
  • Jon Gibson 
    Cycles (1973)
  • Loraine James (.Feat Theo
  • 盛岡夕美子 
  • Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois 
    A Stream With Bright Fish
  • Hynta
  • Gnod 
    Importance Of Downtime
  • IX 
    Feynman Point
  • Laraaji 
    Being Here
  • Transcendence Orchestra
    Nether Westcote
  • Nico feat. John Cale 
    My Only Child