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Golden Ratio Frequencies - Black Lives Matter Special

Manchester, 06.06.20

2 hours of trance inducers, stress reducers, sonic meditations, sun salutations, deep vibrations, drone emanations and setting you up for a weekend of re-calibration. Keep it horizontal, keep it locked.


  • Keedran Bryant
    I Just Want To Live
  • Fridgid
    Needle And Thread (Excerpt)
  • Lonnie Holly
    I Woke Up In A Fucked Up America
  • Space Afrika
  • Chino Amobi 
    Law I (The City In The Sea)
  • Robert Aiki Aubery Lowe
    On The Gold Mirage
  • Alice Coltrane
    Harp Solo (Live)
  • Laraaji, Brian Eno 
    Meditation #1
  • Teebs feat. Thomas Stankiewicz 
    Atoms Song
  • Pharaoh Sanders
    Kazuko (Peace Child)
  • KMRU
  • Flying Lotus 
    Coronus, The Terminator
  • Jlin 
    Carbon 7 (161)
  • Barraco Barna
    20200419 MT4X #1 Day Out
  • Chivengi
    Bird’s Eye View
  • Nailah Hunter
    Nacre Meadow
  • Klein 
    Claim It
  • Dreamcrusher & Alexander Binder
  • Zeroh 
  • Low Leaf 
    June Gloom
  • Kelman Duran
    Gravity Waves (Edit)
  • Lamin Fofana
    I Ran From It And Was Still In It
  • Lonnie Holly
    I Snuck Off The Slave Ship