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ГОСТ ЗВУК (GOST ZVUK) w/ Stas Sharifullin

Moscow, 17.06.20

There always was a lot more to bird watching than just watching. There's no need to be an ornithologist to simply notice that birds produce a vast variety of sounds. They tweet and chirp, hoot and caw, shriek and cry, cluck and crow. They clap their wings and peck wood, they rustle with leaves and gurgle with water. Some of them vocalize to communicate. Others are trying to imitate human speech, since us, human species, are always more or less around. Recent studies suggest that listening to birdsongs helps us to relieve stress and anxiety, so some of us simply listen and record these sounds. Others are trying to manipulate the recordings turning them into something completely new. There are also those who, in reverse, try to imitate birds with a variety of methods. The "birdstape" series is dedicated to the long history of human beings discovering the sonorous aspects of ornithology.


  • Vladimir Arkhipov
    Sunset On Wild River
  • Yulia Glukhova
    Sexy Blackbirds
  • David Rothenberg 
    Dreaming Slow
  • Melissa Pons
    Spring Songs
  • Shida Shahabi
    Owl Imitation
  • Katinka Fogh Vindelev & Hanne Marie Le Fevre
    Flow, My Tears
  • Auguste Vickunaite
    Distant Lands No.5
  • Nikolay Terentyev
    Лесной барабанщик
  • Felicity Mangan 
    Double-Headed Emu
  • Oskar Sala
    Die Vögel (Fragment)
  • Bernard Fort 
    Night On The Side Of The Santa Giusta Étang
  • François Bayle 
    L'Oiseau Chanteur (1963)
  • Stas Sharifullin & Nikolay Kozlov
  • Bernard Fort 
    Étude Matinale
  • Rosso Polare 
    No. 1
  • Bernie Krause & Country Joe McDonald
    Desert Love-In