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Los Angeles, 29.06.22

With !!!

There’s this thing about making art where in order to make it feel exciting for yourself, you have to reinvent yourself each time. You have to keep pushing. Go at it like a beginner. Take a white wall and color it in. Every new thing you make has to feel like a statement, the best new version of yourself. Dance punk royals !!! know the feeling well—they’ve been releasing urgent, obliterative, fuck-you music for 25 years. Music, for !!!, has to be a place where anything can happen. To quote frontman Nic Offer “We’ve always been pushing towards something stranger and weirder. We had to keep pushing on.”


  • Brief Encounter 
    We Want To Play For You
  • Bro David 
  • Cman And Jr Dynamite
    Travellin’ (Pack Your Bags Edit)
  • Black Traxx 
    Your Mind Is So Crazy
  • Ewan McVicar 
    Plain Outta Luck
  • Jitwam 
  • Cervo 
  • Rose Bonica 
    I Have No Words Left (Poison Vocal Edit)
  • Alex Jann 
    Blue Moon Rising
  • Eric Cloutier 
  • Jad & The 
    Disco Hold Down
  • Big Strick 
    Twisted Faith
  • Seyu, Ground
    Dance Sunny
  • K. Hand 
    Without You
  • Funkineven
  • F.A.Z.E.1
    Wanna Touch Me
  • Eli Murphy, LUXE
    Deeper Love