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A Guide To Killed By Death

London, 26.03.20

An hour of punk rippers, selecting highlights from seminal punk and hardcore bootleg comp, Killed By Death. Compiled by Samuel Strang.


  • Dead Image 
    Numbers Up
  • The Nubs 
  • Unnatural Axe 
    The Creeper
  • Fulham Furies 
    These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
  • Wipes
    Better Off Dead
  • Tampax
    UFO Director
  • Injections
  • Zero Boys 
    A Piece Of Me
  • The Controllers 
    (The Original) Neutron Bomb
  • ’Snots
    So Long The Sixties
  • Anonymous 
    Corporate Food
  • The Maggots 
    (Let's Get, Let's Get) Tammy Wynette
  • Queers
    At The Mall
  • The Dum Dum Boys 
    Escape From Hell
  • Sterke Svakheter 
    Trodde Vi Hadde Demokrati
  • Urban Waste 
    Public Opinion
  • Features
    Job Satisfaction
  • Sick & The Lame
    Ate Days A Week
  • Vains 
    School Jerks
  • Die Kreuzen 
    In School
  • Riot 111 
    1981! Or Is It 1984?
  • Dogs
    Teen Slime
  • Fun 4 
    Singing In The Showers
  • Der Stab 
  • Jimmy Smack 
    The Scarlet Beast