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The Age of Version w/ Ray Hurford

London, 26.10.21

The Age of Version, is for all who love pure reggae riddim, aka instrumentals. In reggae music in the late sixties, they transformed themselves into something that was the next step in musical evolution - 'The Age Of Version' had begun….

Everyone, you can think of played a part, Andy Capp, Lee Perry, Clancy Eccles, Lloyd Charmers, Herman Chin Loy, Augustus Pablo, The Hippy Boys,U Roy, Dennis Alcapone, King Sitt. Just to name a few…From Creation Came Version


  • Jackie Mittoo
    Sidewalk Doctor
  • Studio One Band
    Sidewalk Dub
  • Phyllis Dillon
    Women Of The Ghetto
  • I Roy
    Sidewalk Killer
  • Tommy McCook- Sidewalk Doctor
  • Hortense Ellis
    Women Of The Ghetto
  • Broadway
    Ghetto Guns
  • Chin's Allstars
    Sidewalk Version
  • Lennie Hibbert
    More Creation
  • Pablo Black
    Poco Tempo
  • Prince Francis
    Street Doctor
  • Prince Jazzbo
    Apollo 16
  • Vin Gordon
    Sidewalk Doctor
  • Jennifer Lara
    Women Of The Ghetto
  • Sly & Robbie
    Side Walk Doctor
  • The Rhythm Express Ft. Ammoye
    Women Of The Ghetto