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Aloha Got Soul w/ Roger Bong

Los Angeles, 23.01.19

A one hour selection of gems, jams and obscure finds from Hawaii with Roger Bong of Aloha Got Soul. No limits on genre, just quality music past and present from the Hawaiian Islands.


  • Linda Green, Ohta-San 
    Surfing Village
  • Ohta-San 
  • Don Slepian
  • Que Martyn
    Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Hotel Street
  • Manila Machine 
    Poor Loser
  • Richard Natto 
    Bish's Hideaway
  • Sweet Marie 
    Another Feelin'
  • Jimmy Borges 
    Feel Like Makin' Love
  • Ervin Groves, Lani Groves 
    Sunset Strip
  • Natural High
    Isn't He Wonderful
  • Rockwell Fukino 
    Ordinary Lover
  • North Shore Appeal
    Do The Moondance
  • Aura 
    Short And Sweet
  • Paradise
    Don't Touch
  • Blue Army 
  • Frnt Bznzz
    Love Of Eggs
  • Nick Wana
    UFO In Waimanalo
  • Island Band
    Idle Hands