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Black Zone Myth Chant

Paris, 23.04.19

With Black Zone Myth Chant

Black Zone Myth Chants presents a mix of various influences for his new album « Voyage Sacrifice » under the moniker Black Zone Magick Chant. The records is to be released on Shelter Press on April 26th.


  • ELpH 
    pHILM #1
  • Don Cherry 
    Gamla Stan - The Old Town By Night
  • Ric Kaestner 
  • Eitetsu Hayahi
    Messenger Of The Wind
  • Lustmord
  • The Sakyapa Sect
    Hymn For Two Shawms
  • Carl Stone 
    Kuk II Kwan
  • John Duncan, Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen 
  • Principes Essentiels De La Doctrine De L’Esprit
    Deuxième Principe
  • Cyrus 
    Enforcement (Recall)
  • Kode9, The Spaceape