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Dick O' Dell - Y Records

London, 01.12.17

Dick O' Dell the founder of Y Records joins us for a 1 hour show.


  • The Pop Group 
    Colour Blind
  • The Slits 
    Difficult Fun
  • Shriekback 
  • Maximum Joy 
    Silent Street / Silent Dub
  • Pigbag 
    Brazil Nuts
  • Sun Ra 
    Excerpt From Strange Celestial Road
  • Mouth
    It's Hot Take Your Coat Off
  • Pulsallama 
    Ungawa Pt.2
  • The Tesco Bomber
    Hernando's Hideaway
  • Disconnection 
    Bali Ha'i (Radio Mix)
  • Pigbag 
    Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag