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DJ Eliot

London, 19.09.18

London based French visual artist and selector DJ Eliot is live in the studio for an hour, rolling with all things deep and danceable.


  • Sun Electric 
  • Steve Pepe 
    Pora Machina
  • Unheimliches Manouvre
    Eurhythmic Foliage III
  • Ground 
  • Cybe 
    The Running Water
  • Dub Me Ruff System 
    The Sweetest Colour
  • Barry Warner 
    Losing Control
  • Idjut Boys 
    Retreat (Dub)
  • Satsuki Shibano 
    Courant D'air Sur Le Pommier Du Japon
  • Marika
    I Feel The Earth Move (Dub Edit)
  • Interactive Test
    Flanged Transitions
  • In Sync, Pluto 
    Suttees Comet
  • Ketiov
    Rhythm #4 (Original Mix)
  • Modula 
    Alba - Tempesta - Notturno (Natura Sintetica)