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Fluxus - A Special


A 60 minute audio celebration of the Fluxus art movement, with neo-dada noise music, improvised electronics, and subversion of everyday sounds.


  • Alison Knowles 
    Natural Assemblage. Le Vrai Corbeau
  • Robert Filliou 
    Imitating The Sound Of Birds
  • Charlotte Moorman
    26' 1.1499 For A String Player (John Cage)
  • Yoshi Wada 
    Earth Horns With Electronic Drone
  • Jean Dupuy 
    Elle Aimait Bien Les Frites, Marguerite
  • Charlotte Moorman
    Charlotte's Answering Machine: "Lennon, Cage, Yoko, Thanksgiving, Paik. November 24-December 6th"
  • Larry Miller
    Accord (Sellctions From The 2nd And 4th Movement)
  • La Monte Young 
    The Well-Tuned Piano (Excerpt)
  • Catherine Christer Hennix feat. Hans Isgren 
    The Well-Tuned Marimba: For Yamaha Synthesizer, Sine Wave Drone, Live Electronics
  • Philip Corner 
    Car Passing At Night, Country Road In Maine
  • Juan Hidalgo
  • Beuys, Christiansen 
    Schottische Symphonie
  • Al Hansen 
    Joseph Beuys Stuka Divebomber Piece
  • Emmett Williams 
  • Yoshi Wada 
    Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile
  • Dick Higgins 
    Omnia Gallia (1980)
  • La Monte Young
    Dream House
  • Ben Patterson
    A Fluxus Energy
  • Joe Jones + Chicken To Kitchen
    Yoko Overtoned
  • Allan Kaprow 
    How To Make A Happening
  • Nam June Paik 
    My Jubilee Ist Unverhemmet
  • Joe Jones + Chicken To Kitchen
  • Henning Christiansen 
    The Next Moment In History Belongs To Us
  • Ono (Orange Factory mix) 
    Open Your Box (The Club)