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Explity Music w/ Karlfroye, Kimberlaid, Talita Otović, Nouminouw


With this 2 hours set made with 8 ears, the new-born label Explity Music tends to defend its statement in music by melting a various spectrum of electronic music. The travel of Karlfroye, Kimberlaid, Talita Otović and Nouminouw starts with percussive and distorded rhythms followed by catchy melodies and hypnotic voices evolving into core and ending with soft ballads. Explity tends to put in the front row a bunch of prolific female and queer producers and djs from all around the world, promoting a bright variety of musical genres within the electronic sphere. With this mix get a glimpse of their energy and musical curation through ambient, breaks, pop and hardcore alongside many other cryptic subgenres. (re)discover tracks from their 1st VA The World Blurs and unreleased from their upcoming OST EP Musicomancia, Remaining Soundscapes from the eponymous visual novel game out on their website next week…


  • Intro
    The World Blurs
  • Nkisi 
  • Shygirl
    Little Bit (Miss Jay Edit)
  • Sentimental Rave 
    Give Me Pain
  • Mobilegirl 
  • Kimberlaid
    Not Sorry
    Dying For It
  • TDJ 
    Like A G666
  • Laura Trance
    On Earth
  • Toriena 
    Push It
  • AFS
  • Water Spirit
  • Bapari 
  • Lady Dana Vs DJ Skorp
    Turn Up The Bass
  • Cassie Raptor (Somniac One mix) 
    Fire Dance With Me (Somniac One Remix)
  • TTristana
    She Got The Burning Down