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Piedra Rodante w/ Gilberto Rodriguez: Indigenous Communiqué


Gilberto Rodriguez takes us on an hour long journey filled with aural delicacies and off the radar musical selections from around the globe and into the fantastic beyond.

We start the inaugural Piedra Rodante mix in Seri territory with the commanding experimental rock of Hamac Cazzim, to 70's Kiowa, Cree and Alongquin musicians, speech excerpts from Russell Means, Purépecha village songs to modern Indigenous Mexica band Los Cojelones and more.

Welcome friends you are now tuned into the first Indigenous Communiqué from Piedra Rodante.


  • Hamac Cazzim
    Baico Baico
  • Willy Mitchell, Desert River Band 
    Birchbark Letter
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie 
    He's An Indian Cowboy In The Rodeo
  • Daniel Valdez 
  • Nakoa Heavyrunner
    Do You Remember The Night
  • Jesse "Ed" Davis 
    Keep Me Comin'
  • John Trudell 
    But This Isn't El Salvador
  • Russell Means
    Speech Excerpts
  • Los Cojelones
  • CONACULTA Mexico
    Field Recordings
  • Los Tiradores
    Nonesuch Field Explorer Series
  • Pima Express
  • Brian Tripp
    Brush Dance Song
  • Corrina Gould
    You Are Not In California
  • Pomo Dancing
    SJRC 1993
  • ???
    Homenaje A La Corte India
  • Jerry Gonzales
    Agueybana Zemi