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Joey Labeija


With Joey LaBeija

Ballroom veteran Joey Labeija laying down some lairy club tunes: Jersey, ballroom and more.


  • Joey LaBeija
    Serve X Scathed (Joey LaBeija Edit)
  • Jungle Terror
    Cueheat #Jerseyclub
  • False Witness
    Move For Drumz
  • Restless
    Moss (Joey LaBeija Edit)
  • MikeQ 
    The Ha Dub ReWork'd
  • Joey LaBeija
    Ballad 4D VIP X Halo
  • Missy Elliot 
    Beep Me 911
  • Jagged Edge 
    Walked Outta Heaven
  • Junglepussy feat. Hotel Mel 
    Want Some Mo
  • Joey LaBeija
    The High Vs GVRLS (Joey LaBeija Edit)
  • Joey LaBeija
    Air Jordans Vs It's Over Now (Joey LaBeija Edit)
  • Joey LaBeija (1)
    Stranger In My Mech (Joey LaBeija Edit)
  • Joey LaBeija (1)
    V.S.O.P X Limestone (Joey LaBeija Edit)
  • Junglepussy 
    Picky Bitch Checklist
  • Mr Mitch & Teeflii
    24 Hours
  • Lotic 
  • Junglepussy
    Bling Bling X Hot Nigga (Joey LaBeija Edit)
  • Lotic 
  • Joey LaBeija (1)
    Best Of Me Vs Untitled (Joey LaBeija Edit)
  • False Witness
    The Dominican Walk (False Witness Edit)
  • Two Without Hats
    Que Bonita Bandera
  • Hables
    La Insuperables (Rizzla's 90s Remix)
  • MC Ja Rule
    Desce Molhadinha