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London, 03.12.19

With Joviale

London artist & songwriter Joviale, back in the studio for another hour long session.


  • Portishead 
    Machine Gun
  • Haus Arfana
    Colony Collapse
  • Cocteau Twins
    Anthol Brose
  • Chaka Khan 
    Tell Me Something Good
  • Idris Mohammed
    Piece Of Mind
  • Wings 
    Arrow Through Me
  • Akiko Yano
    Iroha Ni Kon (I Don’t Know The Spelling)
  • The Antennas 
    Just Your Love
  • Broadcast 
    Come On Let’s Go
  • Donna Summer 
    State Of Independence
  • Bullion Remix
  • Donald Boyd
    Wind Parade
  • Les Déesses 
    On A Changé Remix
  • Cesaria Evora 
  • Arto Lindsay, Ambitious Lovers 
    Too Many Mansions
  • Mahalia Jackson 
    Trouble Of The World