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Keiji Haino

Tokyo, 21.05.19

With Keiji Haino

An enigma of the Japanese avant-garde digs far and wide for a ninety minute long show, featuring everything from Armenian opera, to southern blues & European medieval music.


  • Koku Nishimura
    Choshi (Myoan Shinpo Ryu)
  • Melania Abovian
    Dle Yaman
  • Lusine Zakaryan
  • Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou 
    The Homeless Wanderer
  • Louisana Red
    Sweetblood Call
  • Robert Pete Williams 
    It's A Long Old Road
  • Russ Garcia & His Orchestra 
  • Terance Casey 
    Song Hits Medley 1
  • Connie Stevens 
    Blame It On My Youth
  • Andrea Caroll 
    It Hurts To Be Sixteen
  • Ural Thomas 
  • New York Art Quartet 
    Sweet - Black Dada Nihilismus
  • Asnakech Worku 
    Tche Belew
  • Sequentia
    Germany_ Anon. 9th C. - Thes Abet Er Ubar Woroltring
  • A. Forqueray* / Ch. Dolle*, Wieland Kuijken • Sigiswald Kuijken • Robert Kohnen
    Pieces De Viole, Op. 2: Suite No. 2 In C Minor: V. Sarabande
  • Lola Kiepja
    Laments (No. 43 And 44)
  • Quinteto Violado 
  • Freed 
  • Alan Wilson
    On The Road Again
  • Humble Pie