Kelly Jayne Jones

Manchester, 01.09.19

Manchester based sound artist and producer, kelly Jayne Jones joins us for an exploration on the sounds of rocks and geology in sound art, music, and ritual practices across the world.


  • Christian Wolff
    Edges, 1968
  • Pauline Oliveros
    Rock Piece 1979
  • Cornelius Cardew & The Scratch Orchestra
    The Great Learning
  • Stephan Micus
    Part 4
  • Stephen Shiell
    Sonance - 01 Desert
  • Jez Riley French
    Dolomite Iron Ore
  • Akio Suzuki
    Iwabue Stone Flute Extract Mondorian #1 (With Many Thanks To Keiki Yoshida)
  • Extract From Classics Of Mountains And Seas
    Kelly Jayne Jones
  • Cooper Sounds
    Unreleased Rock Music Extract
  • Pinuccio Sciola
    Prima Fu Il Suono
  • Interview Extract With Roger Caillois
    La Passion Des Pierres
  • Ingrid Plum
    Les Roches Pierres (Score/Instructions From Myself)
  • Alexandra Nielsson
    Les Pyrennées Extract Of New Unreleased Material
  • Kelly Jayne Jones
    Loss Of Inner Serenity
  • Walter Marchetti
    Per La Sete Dell'Orecchio
  • Kelly Jayne Jones
    Excerpt From Running To & Fro From Clay Tablets, Hoarded Creatures
  • Yonaki Koboshi
  • Conny Prantera
    The Seer Reading An Excerpt From Mount Analogue By René Daumal
  • The Eutrophication Of Lake Windermere
    Harry Ovington
  • Core Of The Coalman
    Troglodyte II Appears On His Self-Published  Symmetrical Cavepeople Record
  • Limpe Fuchs
  • Maria Fusco
    Master Rock
  • Kelly Jayne Jones
    Sounds Recorded From The Lithphone Housed In John Ruskin Museum, Coniston
  • Wilson Harris
    Reading From The Music Of Living Landscapes
  • Michael Cutting
    Seeking Safe Harbour
  • Katie Gatley
    Last Day

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