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Lanark Artefax

Glasgow, 13.12.17

With Lanark Artefax

Glasgow based electronic producer Lanark Artefax joins NTS for an hour. Whities label affiliate covers experimental, ambient and noise territories.


  • Daniel Lanois 
    White Mustang II
  • M.E.S.H. 
    Nemorum Incola
  • Ben Frost 
    All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated
  • We Like We 
    Forest Sketches
  • Otto A Totland 
  • Hior Chronik 
    Whispers From The Surface Of A Lake
  • Emptyset 
    Skin II
  • Félicia Atkinson 
  • Ryuichi Sakamoto 
  • Kepla, DeForrest Brown Jr 
    Crowding And Bubbling Landscapes Of Deposited Bodies Suite I
  • Yves Tumor 
  • Cameron MacKenzie Audition IMPROV ValleyGirl
    Cameron MacKenzie
  • Audition For Lps Valley Girl’s Skit! ~ LPS
    LPS Peach
  • Lps:Auditions For Lps Valley Girl
    Blizardlps Lps
  • Grouper 
    Made Of Air
  • Nate Young 
  • Ben Frost 
    The Wasp Factory
  • Croww 
    Prosthetics (MechaMix)
  • Nine Inch Nails 
    10 Ghosts II
  • Nine Inch Nails 
    13 Ghosts II
  • Chihei Hatakeyama 
    Cries In The Fog
  • How Bitcoin Works In 5 Minutes (Technical)
  • Actress 
    Falling Rizlas
  • DNB_BREAK_25.Wav
    Unknown (Slowed 375%)
  • Whispering, Ear Cupping, Light Massage And Unintelligible Whispering
    Rayy SMR
  • Rabit 
    Ontological Graffiti
  • Loto Retina 
    Invocation Bengale
  • Loto Retina
    Communication Feat. Early Holography
  • Japanese Organics
    White Noise (Forceful Fire)
  • David Sylvian / Riuichi Sakamoto 
    Forbidden Colours
  • Aphex Twin 
    end E2
  • Ian William Craig 
    Before Meaning Comes
  • Oneohtrix Point Never 
  • Pan Daijing 
    Practice Of Hygiene
  • Muddy Magnolias (David Lynch mix) 
    American Woman (David Lynch Remix)
  • Boris 
  • Pharmakon 
    Body Betrays Itself
  • Everything Is The Same
    Text To Speech
  • Daniel Lanois 
    White Mustang II