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Lord Spikeheart

Nairobi , 03.05.24

Vocalist and figurehead of the burgeoning Kenyan metal scene Martin Kanja, AKA Lord Spikeheart, plays inspiration and new releases from his debut solo album, The Adept, out now on his new label HAEKALU RECORDS.


  • John Lear
    1987 Interview On UFOs And Extraterrestrial Life.
  • Sote 
    Reign Of Insanity
  • Simo Cell, Abdullah Miniawy 
    Pending In The Pattern
  • Raja Kirik 
    ACT IV. Slompret Slompret
  • Blackhaine 
    Let Me Know
  • Angry Blackmen 
    Suicidal Tendencies
  • Swerzie Nutso Thugn
    I See, Prod. By Brodinski
  • Moor Mother feat. Alya Al-Sultani 
    All The Money
  • Saint Abdullah 
    The battle for Karbala
  • Khanate 
    To Be Cruel
  • Meira Asher, Guy Harries 
    Torture - ABC
  • John Carpenter (Silent Servant mix) 
    Vortex (Silent Servant Remix)
  • Andranik Askarjan And Khachatur Khachatrian
    Song Of Complaint
  • Squarepusher 
    Wendorlan (Slamstep Remix)
  • Amnesia Scanner
    Freeka Tet Ledge
  • Lord Spikeheart 
    4 AM In The Mara
  • Skrillex, Big Flowdan, Peekaboo
  • The Bug
    FxCK OFF Ft Logan
  • JPEG Mafia
    Real Nega
    American Casual
  • Lord Spikeheart 
    Red Carpet Sleepwalker
  • Heith
    Medicine Boy
  • Senyawa 
    Menuju Muara
  • Billy Bultheel
  • Bela
  • Emptyset 
  • John Lear
    1987 Interview On UFOs And Extraterrestrial Life.